About membership registration

Q Please tell me how to register my residency number, area, etc.


Please follow the instructions below.
①Get exchange voucher after 3D scanning
②Log in from "Reservation confirmation" on this site.
③After logging in, proceed to "Change of registration information" and input English letters and numbers from the exchange voucher into the resident number field, the area field and others fields.

About figures

Q Can I choose the place to set my figure?


You can create your 1/80th scale figure and choose any place inside the area to set it.
*We will set your figure in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO 14 days after the 3D scanning.

Q How long will my figure be on display?


Figures will be on display in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO until April 30, 2021.

About purchase

Q What are residency rights?


Residency rights are the rights of setting figures in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.
*Figures of this program will be displayed until April 30, 2021.

Q Can I cancel the order or ask for refund?


Cancellations and requests for refunds after purchase are not accepted.

Q How long will the sales last?


The sales will last until February 28, 2020.
*Tickets are provided in a limited quantity. Sales will be over once all the available tickets have been sold.
Price and program content are subject to change without prior notice.

Q Does "Under 19" refer to the age at the time of purchase?


It refers to people who are still under 19 years old by April 1, 2020.
Even if you are 18 years old at the time of purchase, you will be charged the same price as an adult if you become 19 years old by April 1, 2020.

Q Do babies below the age of 1 charged the same as people who are under 19 years?


Children under 4 years old will be 3D scanned together with adults.
If you want to create individual figures of the children under 4 years old, you have to purchase "Under 19" tickets.

Q Is transportation to the site included in the price?


Please note that customers need to pay for the transportation themselves.

About 3D scanning

Q When does the 3D scanning period end?


3D scanning will be carried out from late April 2020 to September 30, 2020.
*The starting date will be announced later.
*Please note that the 3D scanning will no longer be available after this date.

Q If I cannot come during the 3D scanning period, can I get a refund?


Please note that requests for refunds will not be accepted if you do not come for the 3D scanning within the designated period.

Q How long will the 3D scanning take?


3D scanning will take about 5 minutes. It will take 2 to 3 hours if you also want to visit the area and choose the place for your figure.

Q Is there anything I should bring for 3D scanning?


Please show at the reception desk the purchase confirmation email from SMALL WORLDS received at the time of purchase.

Q Are there any dressing rules for 3D scanning?


There are some clothes that are not suitable for 3D scanning.
Please be advised that you may be asked to change into the clothes prepared by our staff.
In addition, the dressing rules will be included in the notification email about the starting time of 3D scanning.

Q Are there any important notes regarding the 3D scanning?


Please follow staff's instruction during the 3D scanning.
Please don't wear the following items or please take them off during the 3D scanning because they cannot be scanned:
・Shiny clothes
・Shiny glasses frame
・Thin glasses frame
・Accessories with metal parts
*You will be refused the participation in the 3D scanning if your behavior is judged by the administrator as a disruption or a potential disruption to the public order.
*You will be refused the participation in the 3D scanning if you bring dangerous articles or things deemed to be inappropriate by the administration.

About annual passport

Q When will the annual passport become valid?


The annual passport is valid starting from the day you receive it.

Q Please tell me the expiration date of the annual passport.


The annual passport can be used for one year from the day you receive it.

Q Until when should I pick up the annual passport?


September 30, 2020.
Please note that you will not be able to pick up the annual passport after that day.

Q Can someone else pick up my annual passport if I cannot do it in person?


We need to verify your identity when you pick up your annual passport.
Please provide the identity document with your "name" and "date of birth" (driver's license, health care card, etc.) issued by public organization.

Q Can I use other people's annual passports to enter the venue?


You can enter only with your own passport.

About admission

Q Can I re-enter the venue?


Please be advised that you cannot re-enter the venue.

Q Are there any points to note regarding the admission?


Those who get muscle spasms or lose the consciousness due to light-stimulation and those who are extremely afraid of enclosed, dark or high places should be especially careful.
What's more, people who are drunk or have bad manners may not be allowed into the venue.

Q Are there any items that cannot be brought into the facility?


Please refrain from bringing dangerous articles and items deemed to be inappropriate by the administration.

Q Can I bring animals with me to the facility?


Please note that animals except assistance dogs are not allowed to enter the venue.

About luggage

Q Are there lockers to leave luggage?


There are paid lockers.
Please note that the number of lockers is limited.

Q Do the lockers are big enough to place a suitcase?


Please note that large luggage such as suitcases may not fit into the lockers set in the facility.


Q What if I lose my valuables at the facility?


Please be advised that we bear no responsibility for loss and theft of valuables.

Q Will there be interviews or shootings?


Interviews, shootings and events may be carried out without prior notice.
Please contact the staff if you do not want to be captured on photo or video regardless of the shooting purpose.

Q Is there a parking lot?


There is no parking lot, so please take public transport.

Q Can I get a refund if I am asked to leave by the administrator?


Please be advised that you will not get a refund if you are asked to leave by the administrator.

Q Please tell me how I can make inquiries.


If you still have questions after checking the FAQ, please make inquiries to SMALL WORLDS office listed below.

 E-mail address:contact@smallworlds-eva.jp
 Service hours: November 29, 2019 ~ February 28, 2020 / 11:00 ~ 18:00 UTC+09:00 (Except weekends and holidays)

*We will answer questions sequentially on weekdays (except weekends and holidays).
It may take some time to answer your questions. Thank you for your understanding.